The Main Menu

The Main Menu of the program is setup pretty much in the order that you need to input the information about the button you want to create.
First you need to choose the type of button among Buy Now, Cart, Subscription, or Donation.
Then you want to input your seller information so that you get paid. Always a nice part of doing buiness is getting some money.
Third is the product information. You need to set the item name and price so that PayPal knows how much to collect for you.
Next is Shipping information. How much does it cost to ship. And do you want to offer additional item shipping charges. And the most that they can order with the additional item price.
Fifth is Discount information. Do you want to offer people a discount on the product or not.
Sixth is Policy information.Do you want to collect an address. Helpful for shipping physical items. Or to include a note or allow multiple items
Seventh is Page Style. Here you can set up how your order page hosted by PayPal looks like.
Next is the Button Image. You can select from among PayPal's buttons, their old style and also some that I created for the PayPal Flash Button Creator. If you choose an old style or one I created, the images are embedded into the HTML and XHTML code.
Night is the Subsctription information for subscription buttons. Grayed out for other types of buttons. Here you set the subscription price and the length
Tenth is the Trial information. Only for subscription buttons. Do you want to offer a trial period before the actual subscription begins and how many trial periods.
Finally is the Generate button. Where you can make the different types of buttons the program creates.