Welcome to Beaver Valley Software!

Custom Software Solutions

Beaver Valley Software offers custom applications for windows using the .Net framework. Programs can be written in C++, C# or Visual Basic.

If you have an idea for an application that you want, please contact us and describe what you want. We will get back to you.

We also offer website design. Websites can be written with Asp.net or regular Html and CSS. We also can develop with PHP and MySql as well. PHP will take longer.

If You would like a website or application written, please use the contact form to describe what you need.

Our rate is $20 an hour.

PayPal Button Creator

Beaver Valley Software offers software for easy integration of PayPal into your website. We offer software that can produce valid XHTML and HTML and Flash PayPal Buttons.

PayPal Button Creator XHTML Pro
PayPal Button Creator HTML Pro
PayPal Button Creator Flash Pro

The professional versions also allow you to customize the Paypal order page and to encrypt the PayPal information sent to PayPal.
We also have basic and combinations versions. Please check the PayPal category on the product menu.

PayPal Button Creator 2012 Bronze

  • Make unlimited Flash PayPal Buttons for your website 
  • Make unlimited HTML PayPal Buttons for your website
  • All available fields from PayPal available in Professional
  • Make Single Item, Donation, Cart or Subscription Buttons, View Cart Buttons 
  • Make Custom Payment Pages for every Button
  • Instructions for using with Macromedia Flash can be read here
  • Set an IPN url in each button 
  • Have PayPal post data to your website 
  • Uses the old ppb and new pbc files that our other PayPal products use 
  • You can edit your PayPal buttons offline and only make single modification if desired
  • Can add more buttons to the program
  • Makes it possible to set defaults for fields that are in most of your buttons 
  • The original dimensions of the image used are now the default size for the flash buttons 
  • Use certificate encryption for the information
  • Commandline compile pbc files to SWF file with /c and /ce parameters

Easy Code Signing 2012

  • Retains the information that is needed to sign files such as Timestamp Url, Certificate path, Private Key Path
  • Keeps all of your products in a database so it can quickly resign a program that has been recompiled.
  • Once the program is set up, all you have to do in the future is answer three questions to sign a file: Applicatiion Name, Information Url and the File to sign
  • The first time you run the program, it will ask for the location certicate and timestamp url. You won't have to answer those questions again until something changes.
  • Commandline can be used with either file or application name for applications already entered