Introduction to PayPal Button Creator 2016

The PayPal Button Creator used to be two different products. PayPal Button Machine and PayPal Flash Button Creator. They first appeared around 2003. I wanted to be able to use PayPal on my website and I wanted to do so with Flash buttons. So I wrote the PayPal Flash Button Creator. I then realized that people would probably like to make HTML buttons as well. So I wrote the Button Machine.
The PayPal Flash Button Creator became my "hit" product. It easily outsold everything else. Not hard when I only manage about 20 orders a year. But then the Flash market collapsed and sales dwindled to nothing for the Flash Button Creator. I had gotten tired of doing two different code bases so I rewrote them into one based on the Button Machine code since I liked the gui better. The result was about three sales for PayPal Button Creator 2013 among the different versions I created.But plenty of unlocks via cracks. Because I charge so much for the software when the price ranged from $7.99 to $29.99 and at one point I tested $4.99... Moral of the story is people would rather steal than pay.
So now I come to 2016 and I'm wanting to update the products. I redesigned the gui to match the Windows 10 app style. Because its one of the few things I like about the Windows 10 Universal App platform. But brought the style to the desktop.