Introduction to the Football Pool 2016

Introduction to the Football Pool 2016

With Football Pool 2016 you can run a pick'em pool every week of the football season. Although you could use it for other sports as well since all teams are put in by the user. So you could do college, high school or even basketball or baseball.

The first version of this program was written in numbered basic in the early 90s. I ran a football pool when I was in high school. I soon discovered that it would be nice if i could make the forms automated instead of typing them up in the word processor I had at the time every week. Plus I had a few complaints about the forms having the wrong team selected. And so the football pool software was invented.

I rewrote it again in the mid 2000s in c++ and .net. It was one of my first attempts in windows programming. It showed.

This is a complete rewrite and is a vast improvement over the last version in my opinion. Hopefully others will agree. It harkens back to the first version with a nice large menu screen. I have long loathed the Windows standard application style. Its about the only thing I like about the new windows 10 Universal app standard.

So I have decided to bring the things I like about the Universal app to the desktop. Which since he universal apps now run on the desktop there's not a whole lot of difference to the end user. Just a whole lot more freedom for the developer on the desktop.

This version is written in c#