Using with Visual Studio

Can I use this as part of the Build Process with Visual Studio?

Yes you can.

Just put

ecs "/p:$(TargetPath)"

If you get an error, you may need to change the line to

ecs /p:"$(TargetPath)"

at the end of your build commands and it will sign the resulting executable or dll.











You first should set the default settings through the gui first.

Otherwise you would need to include some of the following switches in the line

/t: - the timestamp url

/n: - the program name

/c: - the certificate

/s: - the certificate password

/i: - information url


The value placed on the commandline will override any values stored in the default settings. So if you want to use a different certificate and password within visual studio use those switches like so:

ecs "/p:$(TargetPath)" /c:"[certificatepath]" /s:[certificatepassword] 

Don't put a space between the switches and their value. Spaces are the delimiter for the commandline.