Setting up Easy Code Signing

Setting up Easy Code Signing

When you run the Easy Code Signing program for the first time. You will get the following screen:

You will need to answer all the questions. After you click next, it will save this information. You will not have to enter the information again until your certificate expires. At that time, just click options and the box will return.

First, you need to tell the program where to find your certificate file. This is the pfx file.

Second, tell the the program the certificate password you created.

And then, tell the program what your timesamp url is.

The dropdown has the current timestamp url for several different CAs and others I have found. You can use any one regardless of your certificate's origin.

Then select what type of signing you want to do. SHA1 and SHA256 are the present standards. I am uncertain that there are any 384 or 512 available but I haven't looked. But I saw how to add them and figured in the future, they'll become available.

You need to answer all the questions asked. If you don't, then the program will not function correctly throught the gui.