The Main Menu

The Main Menu

The main menu is home page of the new Comic Book Millennium. No more are applications hampered by the menu system of Windows. Now each application can have a menu that takes up the screen. Can you tell I never liked the old menu system?

From here you have a variety of options that you can decide to do. File Options contains the ability to open, save, or start a new collection file.

Add a Comic will let you add a comic to your collection. You can also choose to add just title, issue, or publisher information instead so that your database contains it.

Edit a comic lets you update the information about a particular comic, title, publisher, or other information.

Add a run lets you add runs to your collection. You can add as many runs for a title as you want. It will update the coverdate for each issue based on one issue a month.

Display Collection Listing lets you see your collection in a table format. There is also a pane that you can hide that gives more information on the selected comic.

Get Quantities gives you either the total number of comics or the total value of the comics. You can filter it by a variety of different options.

Collection reports is where you can make reports about your collection. Either what you have in your collection, your want list, or a listing of missing issues in your collection.

Options is a variety of different things. First this is where you go to take advantage of the programs subscriptions option. It also is where to go if your database is messed up and needs to be reindexed. It also is where to go to remove covers from the database if the db has gotten too big. Also you can merge titles from here.