File Options

File Options

The file options menu allows you to open, save, or start a new collection.

You open it from the main menu with the first option in the list.

It also will open if you have made changes to the collection and have not saved the collection yet and you try to close the program. Or at least hopefully it does. There's always the possibility that I missed a section that needed the check.

This icon means add in the program. On the file options menu it signifies that you want to begin a new collection. If you click this button, it will clear the current collection from memory and begin an empty collection. So you will want to save the current collection before doing this.

This icon means load a file. On the file options menu, it is clicked to load a previously saved collection into memory. It will allow you to see what is in the collection or to add more comics to your collection.

With this icon, it means save as. This is how you use another collection to begin a new collection. It will save the current collection with a new name. This means that you will still have the comics in the original file name if one exists and the newer collection with what you have changed since the collection was last saved.

This iscon means save. When you click this, the current collection is saved with the same filename that it was loaded into memory with. It will update the collection with any changes that have been made.