Display Collection Listing

Display Collection Listing

This is where you go to see a table listing of your collection. It also has a panel that opens up to display all the information about the selected comic. Such as the cover scan if there is one, the values of the comic in different conditions, and the creators of the comic book.

Also you can choose to edit the selected comic book by chossing edit in the toolbar at the top. You can also delete comic books from the collection with the delete button in the toolbar.

Also you can use the find button to jump to a particular comic book in the collection. Or you can leave the issue blank and jump to the first title and volume of the title. Or leave volume blank and jump to the first comic in the collection that has that title.

And of course you can select to add a comic book to the collection.

Hide/Show either displays the panel that shows the detailed information or hides it.

The house button returns to the main menu.