Add a Comic Menu

Add a Comic Menu

The add a comic opens up a submenu that lets you get more specific on what you are going to add to your collection.

You can choose to add a comic to the collection. This would be a comic that you actually own and have in hand.

You can also add issue information on comics that you don't have yet. This allows you to keep track of comics that you would want to add to your collection in the future.

You can also add publisher information to the database. These publishers will appear in the drop down when you are adding comic information about them.

Finally you can add Title information. This is the same as issue information. It lets you put in information about when a title ended and began that will be shared among all comics of that title.

In addition, you can keep track of a want list and a subscriptions list. With the subscriptions list, you can set up the comics you get monthly and then click a single button in the options menu will add all subscribed comics.