Old Testamemt

The Dynasty & Judgement on Ahab's House

Elijah, Elisha, & Athalia

Chapter 18


Elijah and Elisha minister to turn Israel back to Yahweh

Attack on God's kingdom from within Baal Worship

fertility for herds

fertility for plants

fertility for humans

I. Last days of Elijah(II Kings 1-2)

A. King Ahaziah and Baal-zebub, "The Fly god" Baal-Zebub

original name of this god - Baal-Zebul

exalted lord

or lord of Heaven

to Hebrew - the god of the dung piles (Lord of the Flies)

to New Testament, Beelzebub is another name for Satan

Elijah stops the messenger and asks "Why are you going to Baal-Zebub?

Is it because there is no God in Israel? For that you shall not leave the bed that you now lie in. Ahaziah dies without ever leaving that bed.

B. Elijah & Elisha

1. Elijah's three commissions

a. anoint a new King of Syria: Hazael

b. anoint a new King of Israel: Jehu

c. anoint Elisha as prophet

2. Elisha's call

walks along the road in his clothes of ensence

represents the early lifestyle of Israel

Elijah wraps his clothe around Elisha

the symbol of the Prophets

If he sees Elijah depart, he will receive a double portion of Elijah spirit

3. Elijah's departure

leaves in a whirlwind up into the sky

Elisha sees it so he receives his double portion

Elijah's mantle falls to the ground and Elisha wears it.


II. Ministry of Elisha - see syllabus (II Kings 2:9)

A. Ministry to Naaman the Syrian(II KIngs 5)

Naaman has leprosy

young girl from Israel asks why doesn't my master know there is a prophet in Israel who can heal him?

Naaman travels to Elisha's house but Elisha doesn't come out.

He sends a servant out who tells him to wash in the Jordan seven times

He does and he is healed.

He returns and asks what he can pay Elisha but Elisha just wants him to worship Yahweh. He agrees and leaves.

Elisha's servant runs after Naaman and begs for silver because he wants the money.

Naaman gives him the money and the servant returns

Elisha knows and says that Naaman's leprosy is now his.

B. Two points

Gentiles recognize there is a God in Israel

Israel continues to worship Baal and forsake Yahweh


III. Judgement on Ahab's house

Jehu(842-815 BC) revolt and purge II Kings 9-14

Themes: Jehu perverts his obedience for his own ends.

Israel shows its apostasy is irrevocable

Jehu anointed by Elisha's messenger

prophet comes into Jehu's camp and says he has a message from his master.

Jehu and the prophet go into Jehu's tent and the prophet brings out some oil.

He pours the oil onto Jehu's head and says that Yahweh anoints you as the new king of Israel.

The prophet flees from the camp before Jehu comes out of the tent.

After much prodding he tells his troops what the prophet said. His troops follow him.

He rides to see Joram, king of Israel.

Joram rides out with Ahaziah, king of Judah to greet Jehu.

Have you come in peace?

How can there be peace with your father's wickedness in the land?

Jehu shoots Joram and kills him Ahaziah turns to flee but he is chased down and killed.

returns to the palace

Jezebel comes out onto the balcony. Jehu orders her to be thrown over the side. She is and he rides his chariot over her body.

Servants return to bury her body but the dogs have devoured everything but her hands, feet and skull. Thus fulfilling Elijah's prophesy. Jehu demands the heads of Ahab's 70 sons be brought into the town. The next day the heads are delivered and Ahab's entire family is eliminated by Jehu.

42 relatives of Ahaziah come up from Judah to see their king. Jehu captures them and kills them.

Ahab and his son's are left in Naboth's vineyard.

He announces to an assembly

Ahab followed Baal a little but Jehu shall serve much

come together so we can worship together.

anybody who doesn't shall die

The Baal worships come together and are massacred by Jehu.

Both praised and Blamed by God's prophets reward: dynasty for four generations promised

condemned for bloodthirsty excess (Hosea 1:4-5)

20 years after the Jehu line ends, Israel is no more.

Golden Calves remain in Dan and Bethel

loses all of transjordan to Syria

Two points

Jehu obeyed God, but only when he wanted to

Even Israel's best kings are still wicked.


IV. Athalia usurps the throne in Judah (II Kings 11)

daughter of Ahab and Jezebel

marries Jehosophant's son, Jehoram

kills all her own grandchildren except one who is hidden, the infant Joash

seven years of Tyranny

Temple based revolt

led by Jehorda, the high priest

Joash crowned king at age 7

Athaliah killed - last of Jezebel's children

covenant renewal ceremony

Two Points:

Warfare between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman (Genesis 3)

The Line of David is almost eliminated yet Christ must come from David's line

Joash's end: II Kings 12

Jehorda dies; Joash forsakes Yahweh

executes Jehorda's son Zechariah

defeated and wounded in battle by Syria

assassinated by his own officials

Joash's character

faithful as long as Jehorda lived

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